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“Around the world in 250 coworking spaces” is not a regular book. It’s a collection of our personal journey through the new world of coworking.
It’s purpose is to
inspire the curious,
give knowledge to the
seekers and encourage
the indecisive.

A book with carefully curated stories of people, spaces and products that are actively transforming the workspaces of today. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse coworking world. A guide of how people build new work environments through collaboration, interior design and community activities.

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The Beginning

The story of Coworkies started back at the end of 2015. Pauline was managing a big coworking space in Berlin, where Dimitar worked for a startup accelerator. Through conversations and experiences we started noticing the needs of coworkers and started tinkering about Coworkies.

The Journey

Since 2015, we've embarked on a global journey to deeply understand coworking by personally visiting and engaging with the people who drive it. This has allowed us to directly grasp their views, understand their needs, and gather insightful feedback. Today we have visited 500+ spaces in 51 cities.

"You should make a book!"

As we've traveled, we've chronicled our experiences by blogging and starting a coworking magazine, filled with in-depth articles and interviews about the diverse spaces and cities we've seen. Encouraged by coworking space founders, we've now taken on the challenge of publishing a book, sharing these global coworking stories with the world.

Getting it Published

AW250CS was successfully published due to a community crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Now, people from all corners of the world can discover the founding stories behind the people who make coworking happen daily, from New York to Tokyo. Order your copy today to explore the diverse world of coworking and its global impact.



Solo (1 Book) - Perfect for professionals seeking to understand the diverse coworking world. Ideal for entrepreneurs, architects, and interior designers. Bundle (2 Books) - Double the insight double the impact. Build understanding about coworking in your team and peers. Use one of the books as a gift to someone that matters.

Around the world in 250 Coworking Spaces

Successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

BISAC Categories: Real Estate(Commercial), Architecture(Public, Commercial & Industrial), Sustainability & Green Design, Interior Design, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Facility Management, Housing & Urban Development, Office Management, Workplace Culture.

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Shipping is included, and each order comes with:

  • A Beautiful, 350 Pages Printed Book
  • 250 Coworking Stories
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 1 Year Readers Club Subscription (worth €50)
  • 1🌳 x Tree Planted

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Shipping is included, and each order comes with:

  • A Beautiful, 350 Pages Printed Book
  • 250 Coworking Stories
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 1 Year Readers Club Subscription (worth $52)
  • 1🌳 x Tree Planted

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Coworking Stories and Exclusive Content.

Why People Buy The Book?


› Why order "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces"?
Elevate your understanding about coworking and how it's done across the globe. We have done tremendous groundwork and market research to compile a book like no other on the market. Drawing from the experience of the people who build spaces, mixing it with traditional and interactive content of interviews, stories, analysis and case-studies. A book with 250 unique stories about coworking. But not only! Inside you will find the answers of why and how people start coworking spaces. Told through the personal entrepreneurial journey of many people, who found meaning in building communities for work and life. Stories you can't just google. Get this book to understand coworking.
› Educate your team about coworking.
Not everyone is familiar with the concept of coworking. New team-members are often lacking the broad knowledge of coworking and it's different forms. It is not just a place. Teach your team about coworking with the help of AW250CS book. It is the most accurate global account about coworking spaces.
› What is the best coworking space?
People often ask us this question. And our answer is always the same. There is no best coworking space. Each community at work is unique and special, with distinct features that cater to the needs of specific professionals. Make your personal journey through "Around the world in 250 coworking spaces" book to grasp this idea.
› Why is this book not free?
We asked our land-lord if she takes books as rent! But she said no. 🤷‍♀️
› What is DIGITAL52?
Digital 52 is the digital, shorter version of the book "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces". The stories featured in this collection are extended with added content and comments by the authors. We have prepared 1 story per week for a whole year. Free to access for all book owners & club members ( Signup on )
› What is Coworkies Readers Club?
The Coworkies Readers Club is a digital hub for professionals and enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge of coworking. It features DIGITAL52, a condensed digital version of "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces," with 52 enhanced stories including extra content, author's insights, and post-publication space updates. Signup on
› What is the roadmap for 2023?
  • Complete DIGITAL52 articles (30 made so far).
  • Continue making book presentations in key cities(Berlin✅, London✅, Bucharest✅, Warsaw✅, Prague✅, Zurich✅, Vienna✅, Istanbul✅, Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona).
  • Continue to add value to our Readers ClubSubscribers (for book readers and coworking curious people).
  • Plant 1 tree per book order.
  • Do 1 educational event per month on a topic relevant and important to coworking space operators and people eager to learn more about coworking.
  • Build our video library (Update Coworkies TV Channel) with all videos recorded during our monthly events.
  • Find partners to translate the book in more languages.
  • Start working on something NEW (More news to come soon).

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What is DIGITAL52 Series? 52 weeks and 52 extended stories from the awesome coworking spaces featured in the book.

360CREATIVEHUB Coworking Space in Lagos, Nigeria
HERD coworking shared kitchen in Vienna, Austria
JUGGLEHUB coworkign space for parents in Berlin, Germany.
MORINO-OFFICE remote coworkign space in Fujimi, Japan
NEST CITY LAB sustainable coworking space in Barcelona, Spain.
Brooklyn Shoe Space, coworking for footwear makesr and designers in Brooklyn , USA
TERMINAL local empowerment coworking space in Tbilisi, Georgia

Monthly Coworking Events: Insights into the Future of Coworking & Workspaces

Let's learn together! Join us for engaging discussions, exclusive interviews, and a deep dive into the future of work and workspace trends. Open to book owners, club members, and the public — secure your ticket today.

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