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“Around the world in 250 coworking spaces” is not a regular book. It’s a collection of our personal journey through the new world of coworking.

“It’s purpose is to
inspire the curious,
give knowledge to the
seekers and encourage
the indecisive.”

A book with carefully curated stories of people, spaces and products that are actively transforming the workspaces of today. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse coworking world. A guide of how people build new work environments through collaboration, interior design and community activities.

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365 Spaces

41 Cities

The Begining

The story of Coworkies started back at the end of 2015. Pauline was managing a big coworking space in Berlin, where Dimitar worked for a startup accelerator. Through conversations and experiences we started noticing the needs of coworkers and started tinkering about Coworkies.

The Journey

From the idea to connect coworkers between coworking spaces we started traveling to different cities to meet with as many coworking spaces as possible to understand their views, needs and get feedback. Today we have visited 291 spaces in 31 cities.

"You should make a book!"

To document our travels we blog abut every space we visit and started a coworking magazine with in-depth articles and interviews about the people, spaces and cities we visit. Along the way people start to tell us that we should write a book and finally we got the courage to do it.

Getting it Published

Since day 1 we have been bootstrapping. Publishing a book is not a cheap activity so we would need as much help as possible. To help us make it happen, please consider pre-ordering "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces." Thank you for doing so and please write us if you have any feedback or ideas how to make it better!

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We have done tremendous groundwork and market research to compile a book like no other on the market. Drawing from the experience of the people who build spaces, mixing it with traditional and interactive content of interviews, stories, analysis and opinions.

Help us make this book happen by placing a pre-order! As a thank you we are giving up to 35% discount to everyone who want to support us in publishing it!

📦 To pre-order in bulk for stores, conferences or companies, please get in touch: hi [at] coworkes.com

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