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Thank you for supporting #AW250CS

AW250CS is not just a book, it's a way to celebrate coworking spaces and their people all over the world. The book has been in the making for five years and has gone through many obstacles. You are one of the reasons this book came to life. Your support made it possible to get it printed, so more people can learn about coworking and its benefits to society.
Thank you!
Pauline & Dimitar

Pauline and Dimitar wih the book in hands.


“Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces” became possible due to the effort of many people and organizations who supported it during the many ups and downs of it becoming a reality. It has been a humbling experience for us to go through the process of creating this book and we’ll be forever grateful for having the chance to create it.

To all the spaces featured in the book - we would like to send you our deepest gratitude. Thank you once again for allowing us to come and visit you over the last 5 years, for sharing so openly your story with us, and for trusting us to write about it. Above all, we want to acknowledge and recognize the incredible work you do in bringing to the world a new kind of work environment where many different communities can express themselves, thrive, and develop at their own pace and in their own way. We see you and will always support you as much as we can.

To Madalena Espirito Santo, our designer, for making this book so beautiful to look at. Meeting you through a book we purchased while traveling in Lisbon back in 2019 was one of the key highlights of this project and we won’t be able to thank you enough for all the hard work, dedication, brainstorming, and patience you have put in.

To Clare Sinclair, our editor, for being so good with words and for allowing this book to not be a weird combination of frenglish :) We will always remain in awe of your availability and dedication to the project.

To Alberto and his team, our printer, we can’t thank you enough for your patience and for finding the right solutions to bring the idea we came up with to life. This book has been printed during the hardest of times and we will be forever grateful to you for making it happen in the way you did, adapting to restrictions, lockdowns, and what not.

To Kristin, Christian and Aleksandra, thank you for your trust very early on in the project. Your support has been a very precious asset from the beginning to the end and we are very grateful for the wisdom you’ve shared through the pages.

To all the journalists and press who believed in our story and wrote about it, thank you!

To our friends and families, for being so supportive and for pushing us to make this book. Your weekly emails “so, is the book ready?” have been a big drive in keeping us writing it, despite the many challenges. Thank you for being understanding and forgiving and excuse us if we had to miss dinners, holidays, and birthdays because we were always working. Let’s celebrate now!

To Fil, for being our mentor in the early days of the project. Your words still resonate with us to this day.

To Todor and Maria, for bringing clarity in a world we didn’t understand.

To Ivo for bringing your creativity and ideas at the very early stages of the project.

To all our early supporters who backed the project on Kickstarter in early 2021, allowing this book to come to life. Linda, Bistra, Sam, Linda, Tobias, Anastas, Mariya, Yu, Ray, Tony, Claire, Eugenio, Ousmane, Pierre, Denis, Ana, Meghan, Arti, Tomo, Maria, Corinne, Gabrielle, Romain, Snehanshu, Shweta, Guillaume, Emma, Bojidar, Nevena, Martina, Erwann, Todor, Ani, Jean-Philippe, Kasia, Felipe, Silvia, Georges, Elena, Bella, Silvia, Leo, Courtney, Sara, Botushan, Borja, Archibald, Wolf-Nicolas, Mathias, 伊崎 陽介, Shohta, Angel, Marc, Julie, Devon, Johnathan, Elisa, Cvetelin, Antoinette, Andreas, Ito, Nicole, Kazim, Ben, Enric, Vanessa, Rebecca, Lorenzo, Daniela, Olga, Dilyana, Tiffanie, Ashleigh, Michela, Ben, Maxime, CJ, Roxana, Anne-So, David, Kei, John, Jino, PH, Eva, CloClo, Sayoko, 佐谷 恭, 萩原 高行, Shoichi, Eiki, 青木 雄太, Yasushi, Raya, Danny, Marc, Stanislava, Miguel, Liliana, Hampus, Memeboy, Nathalie, Ivan, Tugi, Justina, Ryan, Roman, Kristi, Deborah, Miguel, Cristina, Remy, Francis, Romain, Victor, Pedro, Lorenzo, Erinn, Emiliyan, Jose, Ivanne, Krasimir, Hannah, Pablo, Dian, Ursina, Mandy, Jean-Luc, Aron, Csaba, Thilo, Jose, Benoit, Sergi, Marco, Caroline, Spartaco, Isabelle, Yokohama, Bernie, Alex, Daniela, Lily, ISa, Gerald, Elena, Marta, Bridgette, James, Manuel, Schaller, Javier, Vitor, Borja, Ron, Jorge, Emily, Keavy, Kounosuke, Irene, Donat, Jose, Louis, Damian, Elodie, Maryam, Volker, Fabian, Dmytro, Art, Beth, Hessa, Nuria, Ralph, Beatrice, Emilie, Isabel, Miguel, Wins, Kevin, Andre, 新妻 正夫, Yusuke, Carlos, Pauline, Tudor, Hana, Nick, Rita, Jason, Claudia, Yui, 株式会社, Misaki, Buinho, Koen, Rafael, Val, 松川 哲也, Jing Er Looi, Nikola, Pinar, Dan, Clive, 賀央 津田, Carrie, Hannah, Leo, Janet, Fred, Ulrik, Regine, Joern, Raky, Katarzyna, Søren, Jeronimo, Ben, David, Millien, Viot, Paul, Didier, Diego, Andrea, Nicolas, Cassal, Samuel, Regina, Galen, Francois, Angelina, Guglielmo, Francisco, Ruben, Linda, Joschka, Gyorgy, Yolaine, Radoslav, Evan, Antoine, Jürg, Diahala, Yann, Carlos, Eric, Rachel, Violeta, Silvia, Ivan, Asaf, Alexandre, Ivan.