Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

– Jack Kerouac

Since 2015 traveling and visiting coworking spaces has become a way of life for Pauline and me. We started our journey out of pure curiosity to see and learn from coworking spaces outside of Berlin. Little did we know that in 2020 we would be making a book about it.

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Our first city to visit as Coworkies was Milan and it quickly become apparent that the coworking scene there is completely different from the one in Berlin. Next we visited Barcelona and London and it was now totally clear to us that coworking has it own culture and reasoning in different cities. As we like to say now: “Coworking is the same dish that everyone cooks differently”. From experiencing the first 3 cities we got inspired and continued looking for cheap ways to travel and taking time from our full-time jobs to go and explore more places and spaces. As of today we’ve visited more that 420 coworking spaces in 43 cities around the globe.

“Coworking is the same dish that everyone cooks differently.”

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Since the very beginning we started to share openly what we’ve seen and learned with the wider community. From making off-line events to writing extensively on our blog and on-line magazine. We’ve covered with in-depth articles the cities and spaces we visited, accumulated statistics, made surveys and wrote for variety of publications.

Coworkies book banner

Somewhere half way of our journey so far, we started to hear at our meetings with coworking spaces owners and community managers “You should write a book!” Although the idea was passing by our ears at first, the more we heard it the more we started to talk about the possibility of how to make it happen. The main reason was to welcome people to join us in the journey of meeting the coworking people of the world and hear the stories of their spaces. We consider it as a great opportunity for the general public to learn more about those unique spaces and for coworking professionals to learn and inspire each other. It’s purpose is to inspire the curious, give knowledge to the seekers and encourage the indecisive. With that said we embarked on a journey to make a really valuable book with information that you cannot just google.

“It’s purpose is to inspire the curious, give knowledge to the seekers and encourage the indecisive.”

Coworkies book banner

Why a book about traveling

Coworkies book banner

“Around the world in 250 coworking spaces” is not a regular book. It’s a collection of our personal journey through the new world of coworking.

A book with carefully curated stories of people, spaces and products that are actively transforming the workspaces of today. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the diverse coworking world. A guide of how people build new work environments through collaboration, interior design and community activities.

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