Hey all, greetings from the AW250CS team!

Hope everyone is safe and things are starting to ease out in your respective regions.

On our side we’ve been dealing with the COVID19 situations as it comes and making everything possible to keep our timeline as close to the initial plan. Meanwhile, we are busy making the book better and dealing with all small tasks surrounding self-publishing a book, like getting the ISBN number for it.

We also got vaccinated, so we can resume traveling, meeting coworking people and spreading the word about the book. Our first stop is now confirmed and we are super happy to take part in the Romanian Design Week and present the book project to its audience. An opportunity brought by one of the backers on Kickstarter: HotSpot Workhub! To see the event click here.

So what’s coming up next for the book?


First getting the paper! During our conversation with the print house on Friday, we learned the delivery should reach them by the end of this month (May). As shared previously, there have been quite some unexpected delays with this, mainly due to the fact that Italy has been in prolonged lockdown (which is starting to ease out since May 17th), the Fedrigoni paper company didn’t have any options but to work in shorter shifts, hence taking more time to process all their orders. Once the paper reaches Lisbon, Alberto will work on what is called a “maquette” aka a printout of the entire book, which he will send to us for approval. This maquette is an important part of the process as it is used to confirm the colors and calibrate the overall document before printing.

Can’t wait to share it with you!

After receiving the approval, Alberto and his team will initiate the printing phase and will bring AW250CS books to life. When this phase starts, we will be able to share with you all a clearer deadline for delivery. At the moment we are preparing things on our side to shorten that time as much as possible to cover some of the time lost due to the lockdowns.


As you might recall, Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces exists beyond the book. All of you will soon start receiving DIGITAL52, an email per week, delivered right to your inbox, where you’ll get to discover one of the spaces featured in the book, with our commentaries, and behind the scenes.

*To receive DIGITAL52, make sure you added your email address in your survey (see the point below) and if not, reach out to Pauline for help.

Don’t forget…

To fill out your survey if you didn’t do it yet - what’s this “survey” we keep on mentioning? It’s a questionnaire you should have received via email following the end of our campaign, where you must have been asked to enter your contact information (mainly email and address) so we know where to ship your book(s) when ready. In case you didn’t receive anything or if you are unsure whether you filled it out or not, contact Pauline to figure out the details.

To join us on Instagram - @coworkies - where we host weekly lives with spaces featured in the book! We’ve recently made our way to very exotic places like Madeira, a Portuguese island in the middle of the ocean where we met Andre Loja, Founder of Cowork Funchal and Gran Canaria, a Spanish island not too far away from Morocco, where we met Angel Fernandez, one of the co-founders of Talleres Palermo, an incredible multipurpose space with a beautiful garden on the rooftop.

That’s it for May!

We are excited to see things moving forward and as always, we can’t thank you enough for your support and patience.

If, after reading this update, you have more questions, do not hesitate to drop an email to Pauline - pauline [at] coworkies.com so we can help you individually.

Pauline, Dimitar and the AW250CS crew

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