Hello Everyone,

How is your week going on so far? As promised in the latest August update, we are back over here with some great news: the books have left Portugal and are currently on their way to us.

After chatting with our delivery partner earlier this morning, the expected arrival date is September 9th, aka TOMORROW! This is really exciting news as it means we’ll soon be able to start shipping them to you all! See below the pictures Alberto sent us on the day the truck came to pick up the 5 pallets.

Coworkies Book

As a reminder, and in case you didn’t do it yet, please fill out your Kickstarter Survey and make sure you entered the information needed to process your order. As always, if this part is not clear to you, do not hesitate to drop an email to Pauline - pauline@coworkies.co - she will be able to assist.

So what now?

Expect another update once the books are with us, and, most importantly, each individual order will start being processed from next week onwards. You’ll all receive an email once your order has been sent as well as a Kickstarter notification.

Are you free later today? Join us on Instagram!

If your schedule allows it, come and join us on Coworkies' Instagram later today (04:00 PM CET) and e-meet a coworking brand featured in the book: Headspace Group. This is quite an exciting LIVE to join as, for the first time in our LIVES' history, we’ll be doing it with 4 people! Check out the details below and come join us here: https://instagram.com/coworkies

Coworkies Book

Pauline, Dimitar and the AW250CS crew

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